dear woman coming out of the starbucks on congress street, 

I heard you telling your friends, with the cardboard cup clenched in your fist 

“I’ll have to spend an extra hour at the gym 

just to work this off.” 

I know it eases your misplaced guilt 

and establishes the hierarchy in your thin girl ecosystem 

but please remember

your life isn’t a negotiation with society’s impossible standards 

starvation makes you placid 



400 empty calories 

is a revolution. 

sorry for the lack of posts recently, i’ve been busy with various things, but i’m back! (at least for now…)

i just found this blog and it made me instantly happy, im not what you call thin so i really like this blog showing that everyone is beautiful (:

thank you beautiful!!! xoxox


A whole government full of people throwing tantrums and it’s my generation that’s whiny, selfish, and entitled.